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THE RC DISCUS LAUNCH GLIDER FOR EVERYONE There are few experiences in model aviation more satisfying to the soul than flying an efficient, slow-moving glider that has been launched to soaring altitude by hand. The Libelle takes RC hand-launch glider flying to the next level, building off of the global acceptance of the Dream-Flight Alula The ELF is a small discus-launch glider ideal for sport flying while on travel or in your neighborhood park. The ELF is based on MIT's Dr. Drela's HLG glider design, the Apogee. Due to it's low weight, with a scant wing loading of 2.77* oz./sq. ft. ready-to-fly, the ELF is able to sustain flight in the smallest and lightest of thermals Premiere RC sailplane designers and producers specializing in discus launch gliders and electric gliders. Looking for servos or small parts in the US? Check out our US store: www.armsoarusa.com Contact | info@armsoar.com ich suche für Abends zum Spaß einen Discus Launch Glider. Hatte noch keinen, bisher nur Motorflugzeuge. Als RC System nutze ich eine Spektrum DX7s. Gibts was im Preisbereich zwischen 100-150 € einen schönen DLG? Lg und Danke Phi A Discuss launch glider contains a lot of electronics and need to be as light as possible. The lighter the better. When your glider flies its fly's just on the air current, it doesn't contain any motors. By throwing it like a discuss can it contain enough force to climb to a certain amount of altitude

Discuskid.net - DiscUSKid - Home Page. This is the official website of the DiscUSKid glider design. The DiscUSKid is a free flight tip launch glider inspired by Tom Peadon's legendary U.S. Kid hand launch glider The Schempp-Hirth Discus-2b is a Standard Class glider designed by Schempp-Hirth. NOTE: Crashing into the water will result in a full game crash. This is an unfixable bug due to the unique wing tilt. NOTE: If your game crashes to your desktop upon loading into a flight, ensure your Weight and Balance is in limits! HOW TO INSTALL: Delete any old aerosoar-discus folders in your Community. In attempting to test glide (not a discus launch) I found that the DLG had a very strong tendency to do a wing over to the left. During this testing process, I also had a servo fail (jammed). When I really started examining the glider as I do w/ my home built planes, I found it had wash-in on the right wing and wash-out in the left wing - guaranteeing that it would not fly correctly. It took a. A Discus Launch Glider (DLG) is a radio controlled model sailplane launched using a 'discus launch' in which the glider is held by a wingtip and the flier rotates rapidly before release

Discus Launch Glider RC Aircraft Plans and Templates This page will hold all templates and downloadable build information made available from our Discus Launch Glider Plans Project. As they become available they will be uploaded and a download link will be put up here on this page. Each design will have its own main heading within this page Der SAL (Side-Arm-Launch) ist eine Wurf- bzw.Starttechnik im Modellflug, mit der funkferngesteuerte Modellsegelflugzeuge, sogenannte DLGs (Discus-Launch-Glider), in die Luft geschleudert werden.. Dabei wird das Modellflugzeug an einem Ende der Tragfläche in die Hand genommen und mit - je nach Technik - ein- oder eineinhalb Körperdrehungen um die Körperachse des Werfers geschleudert The QF2 is a Discus-Launch-Glider built up from laser cut balsa parts and carbon fiber components. It has been designed as an inexpensive great flying DLG that is capable of 120 foot launches and is easy to build. The kit includes all laser cut balsa, tapered wrapped CF tailboom, CF material for spar strengthening, fiberglass for reinforcing the tails and fuselage, CAD drawn plans, push rods.

RC Models ‐ DLG F3K Hand Launch Gliders. Showing 1 - 25 of 25. Mini Vick 75cm Micro DLG (8 reviews) $52.27. 6 in stock More Details Buy. Big Vick 1m DLG (10 reviews) $58.20 . More than 20 in stock More Details Buy. Alt 1m DLG (28 reviews) $68.89. 9 in stock. Discus Launch Gliders - DLG's 101 - YouTube. UDRN YT US RV M AN YELLOW V2 3. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your. Best Discus Launch Gliders (DLG) for First Timers: Jason Cole: Hand Launch: 69: Dec 08, 2020 04:37 PM: Article: San Felasco - 2017 Discus Launch Glider Event Coverage: Jason Cole: Hand Launch: 10: Feb 22, 2017 06:01 AM: What are the characteristics a good/great Discus Launch Glider will have? e-sailpilot86: Electric Sailplanes: 3: Jul 20, 2001 03:45 P After the Discus has been the the leading Standard Class glider for decades, winning the World Championships six times, its completely redesigned successor Discus-2 has taken over and deepened this tradition. Continuously reaching top positions at World Championships, European Championships and Nationals, its even more pleasant handling, combined with higher performance, has also made it. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an diskus launch glider an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden

Mini DLG Composite Discus Launch Glider - Blue/White 950mm (PNF) (AR Warehouse) 1726 g SKU: 9419000002-0 HobbyKing™ Mini DLG Pro w/Ailerons Balsa - Blue/White 990mm (PNF) (AU Warehouse Handlaunch sailplanes, Hand-Launch Gliders or HLG are smaller sized planes that typically weigh between 6 and 15 ounces, but any plane that you feel comfortable throwing into the air could be classified as a handlaunch.These sailplanes are launched merely by throwing hard to get altitude, or by using a towing mechanism from the ground such as a long rubber band known as a hi-start or with. This Discus Launch balsa free flight glider build is for the aspiring aero modeller that is no longer satisfied by flying his foam chuck gliders but is not quite yet feeling confident enough to Build a complex wooden model aircraft kit With a Discus Launch Glider, the goal is light weight but strong. This design will hopefully also be able to slope slowly, so the airfoil chosen needs to support a higher lift requirement at slower speeds. In researching, found a great RC Aircraft design tool which will help in the final selection • Plug-and-fly glider • High performance discus launcher • Excellent build quality • Lightweight composite fuselage • Pre-installed servos to control the elevator and aileron • Pre-built balsawood wing and tail • Easy assembly within 30 minutes Specs: Wingspan: 1500mm Length: 1180mm Wing Area: 23.2 DM2 Wing Loading: 12.5g/DM2 Flight Weight: 290g Servos: 4x 9g Required: Radio: 5CH.

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Der SAL (Side-Arm-Launch) ist eine Wurf- bzw. Starttechnik im Modellflug, mit der funkferngesteuerte Modellsegelflugzeuge, sogenannte DLGs (Discus-Launch-Glider), in die Luft geschleudert werden. Dabei wird das Modellflugzeug an einem Ende der Tragfläche in die Hand genommen und mit - je nach Technik - ein- oder eineinhalb Körperdrehungen um die Körperachse des Werfers geschleudert The Schloiderding V2 (we are calling it Spinthing) is an elegant CNC cut balsa discus launched glider that can be built quickly, looks beautiful, and has excellent performance. The Schloiderding Spinthing has outstanding flying qualities and is attractive to beginners and experts alike A Discus Launch Glider (DLG) is a radio controlled model sailplane launched using a 'discus launch' in which the glider is held by a wingtip and rotated around the flyer by hand before release. Using this method of launching the average flier can achieve launch heights of greater than 140 feet (43 m), with the better throwers exceeding 200-foot (61 m) high launches. The Airframe. We have been enthusiastic discus launch glider (DLG) pilots for several years. It started with a classic, the Highlight, then a second-hand Twister II, a home-built one, then the first Stream NXT. DREAM-FLIGHT ALULA TREK ARG EPO FORMSCHAUM DLG DISCUS LAUNCH GLIDER Produktnummer: 9717205 Herstellernummer: DFAL100 EAN-Code: 9010189119128 109,99 €* Preise inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten Nicht lagernd. Verfügbar ab ca. 20.06.2021. Benachrichtige mich, sobald der Artikel lieferbar ist. Sie haben sich bereits für eine Benachrichtigung für diesen Produkt eingetragen! Benachrichtigen In.

The Discus-2b is a project by Aerosoar, and is made possible thanks to the the help of a little external tool that is necessary to both launch it and create the thermals that will keep it in the air. Touching Cloud's Kinetic Assistant, available here, makes glider operations possible in MSFS. It's all very easy, and in no time you'll be. The long tradition of the Discus as the leading Standard Class glider has been taken over and deepened by the Discus-2. While continuously reaching top positions at World Championships, European Championships and Nationals, its pleasant handling has also made it popular as an all-round glider. Discus-2cFES . The Front Electric Sustainer (FES) electrical engine now also provides the Discus-2c. Tip Launch Glider Plans. . DiscUSKid-36 ( A tip-launch tribute to Tom Peadon's legendary U.S. Kid) (As featured in Flying Models Magazine! May 2010) Hoosier Daddy (Bruce Kimball's awesome tip-launch glider design) Hoosier Baby Daddy 24 (Bruce Kimball's latest tip-launch glider) (Smaller/Lighter trend in TLG.) (Full size on 8.5 x 14 Legal. Discus Launch Gliders (DLGs) Following on from the standard hand launch gliders, a Discus Launch Glider is a type of rc glider that's become very popular with flat-field flyers. A DLG has a specially designed wingtip handle (a strong pin running vertically through the wing) that is held between index and middle finger

Der Hawk ist ein großartiger 1m DLG und einer der aktuell besten 1m discus launch glider auf dem Markt, und voll Wettkampf tauglich in der F3K Klasse. Mit einem Fluggewicht von unter 120gr. kann man den kleinen sogar am Hang im Mauerpark slope soaren, was mich nach Beobachtungen zum Kauf inspiriert hat Discus Freeflight Handlaunch Glider Photos An AMA Glider Original Article. Jim Buxton's Twirly Byrd In Flight. Jim Buxton's Twirly Byrd. Ken Krempetz's Monster. Ken Krempetz's Twirdly Byrd . Kurt Krempetz's Dynamo Hum II. Lee Hine's Sweepette 36D. Stan Buddenbohm's Twirly Byrd. Tim Batiuk's Gliders. Jim Buxton's Hum II and Twirly Byrd. Jim Buxton's Twirly Byrd In Flight. Discus Launch glider. The HAWK Discus Launch (DLG) model balsa glider is an entry-level, easy-build model with amazing flight characteristics. Cleverly designed using fully adjustable flight control surfaces to enable you to configure any desired flight pattern. The rudder, elevator, ailerons and flaps are all fully adjustable, prior to each flight, to achieve almost limitless flight patterns. Perfect as a teaching. DLG (Discus Launch Gliders) Libelle DLG (Paul) I love this cheap foamy DLG (Discus Launch Glider). I have owned it now for a few years and have on various occasions been fortunate to get away into thermals from flat field flying. The Dream-flight Libelle is a breakthrough in discus launched gliders. Few modelling experiences can be as fulfilling as catching a thermal from a model launched by. Beschreibung DREAM-FLIGHT ALULA TREK ARG EPO FORMSCHAUM DLG DISCUS LAUNCH GLIDER. Die Alula-TREK ist bereit die Reise zu beginnen egal wohin es Sie verschlägt. Der weltweit beliebteste vogelähnliche RC Nurflügler ist zurück und raffinierter als je zuvor. Egal, ob Sie wandern sind, reiten entlang einer Düne am Strand oder auf der Suche.

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Discus Launch Glider Build: Der Gedanke, dass man einen Modell-Segelflugzeug von Hand in eine Höhe von 100 bis 200 Fuß starten kann, scheint erstaunlich - ist aber mit Discus Launch Gliders (DLGs) möglich. Zum Abschuss hält man den Schirm mit dem Finger an einer Flügelspitze fest und dreht sich dann. Ende der 80er Jahre kamen die ersten sogenannten HLG (Hand Launch Glider) aus den USA zu uns nach Europa. Seit 2002 setzte sich dann eine Innovation durch, wieder aus den Staaten: Einige Piloten fassten die Segler an einer Flächenspitze, drehten sich wie antike Diskuswerfer und ließen rechtzeitig los - der Discus Launch Glider war geboren. DLG-Fliegen ist sportlich, dynamisch, aktiv. ART HOBBY - Designer and Producer of Gliders and Electro Gliders RC. Colibri-V 1M. 80% RTF, High Performance, Hand Launch and Slope Glider. NEW version wing with internally hinged ailerons. Price: $129.00. On Backorder. Bobolink-DL 1M. 80% RTF, High Performance, Discus/Hand Launch Glider. NEW version wing with internally hinged Flaperons Jun 3, 2021 - Explore Malcolm Bond's board DLG Discus Launch Glider F3K, followed by 134 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about gliders, discus, rc glider

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Discus launch glider kits for F3K Hand Launch Glider competition and fun-flying, including wings, fuselage, tails, and small hardware. Needs radio gear, servos, battery, and glue to complete, unless otherwise noted. Flugzeuge Fliegen Modellbau Deko Gleiter Rc Autos Windturbine. Flying4Nature.com (F4N) Videos about natural landscapes with modelgliders-Landschaftsvideos aus Modellseglern. This is Discus launch glider by Whakatane Beacon on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them Discus - Launch - Glider Spin von skyglide. Ersteller christian 1; Erstellt am 26 Juni 2016; C. christian 1 User. 26 Juni 2016 #1 Hallo zusammen, Hat schon jemand mit dem Discus - Launch - Glider Spin von Skyglide Erfahrungen sammeln können? Er würde mir sehr gut gefallen, aber da ich im DLG Bereich noch keine Erfahrungen sammeln konnte bin ich noch unsicher ob ich es wagen soll oder nicht.

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  1. Mini DLG Composite Discus Launch Glider - Blue/White 950mm (PNF) (RU Warehouse) 1726 g. SKU: 9419000001. Mini DLG Composite Discus Launch Glider - Blue/White 950mm (PNF) (AR Warehouse) 1726 g. SKU: 9419000002-0. HobbyKing™ Mini DLG Pro w/Ailerons Balsa - Blue/White 990mm (PNF) (AU Warehouse) 816 g. SKU: 9419000009-0
  2. discus launch glider. L. Suche defekten DLG / F3k zum reparieren. Hallo zusammen, Ich suche einen günstigen aktuellen DLG zum reparieren. Ich stelle mir da so einen CX5 oder Snipe 2 oder NRJ oder so vor, der beim Starten unter der Grasnabe gelandet ist. Oder wo einer volle Möhre beim Starten reingekachelt ist. Ich bin mir sicher, es gibt hier Leute, die so... Launch Control Center; Thema.
  3. The discus throw (pronunciation), also known as disc throw, is a track and field event in which an athlete throws a heavy disc—called a discus—in an attempt to mark a farther distance than their competitors. It is an ancient sport, as demonstrated by the fifth-century-BC Myron statue Discobolus. Although not part of the modern pentathlon, it was one of the events of the ancient Greek.
  4. A Discus Launch Glider (DLG) is a radio controlled model sailplane launched using a 'discus launch' in which the glider is held by a wingtip and rotated around the flyer by hand before release. Using this method of launching the average flier can achieve launch heights of greater than 140 feet (43 m), with the better throwers exceeding 200-foot (61 m) high launches
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Chopstick DLG II Discus Launch Glider RC Flugzeug Glider PNP Version Park Flyer Marke: Oshmens Hobbies. Derzeit nicht verfügbar. Ob und wann dieser Artikel wieder vorrätig sein wird, ist unbekannt. Marke: Oshmens Hobbies: Material: Holz: Artikelgewicht: 1.2 Kilogramm: Info zu diesem Artikel Schlanker Rumpf mit verstärktem Karbonfaser-Composite-Schweifstab Einfach zu fliegen und für. Erlebnisse mit Discus Launch Glider. Um ohne Zweifel behaupten zu können, dass die Wirkung von Discus Launch Glider tatsächlich stark ist, können Sie sich die Resultate und Ansichten zufriedener Betroffener im Netz ansehen.Es gibt unglücklicherweise nur sehr wenige klinische Tests zu diesem Thema, aufgrund dessen, dass diese überaus aufwendig sind und zumeist nur Pharmazeutika einbeziehen This past winter I built a discus launch free flight glider known as the Maxima 30 designed by Len Surtees. I have flown radio controlled DLG gliders before but I found out that it is more of a challenge when you have no control of the glider when it leaves your fingers. Launching a glider by spinning around while holding one wing tip can give tremendous launch height, but can also result in. 2-6 channel discus launch glider. Taboo XT home. Taboo XL home Construction notes Construction tips Ordering info . IHLGF 2002 HLG seminar: Taking the best features of the previous design and improving upon it with the help of the new airfoils, better materials, stronger and stiffer structural components, Taboo XL takes discus launch flying to a new level and is one of the best discus launch.

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  1. DL50 Discus Launch Glider DL50 Specifications Length: 39 in. (99 cm.) Wingspan: 50in. (127 cm.) Wing Area: 275in 2 (1774 cm ) Weight: 8oz. (227 g.) Revision History Date Revision Notes/Comments 6/12/2004 Document initial creation. 8/18/2004 Changes to instructions 9/9/2004 Update to version 2 Thank you for purchasing the DL50. This plane is an elevator/rudder discus launch glider, designed for.
  2. The discus launch glider is completely different from conventional sailplane that flies like a small leave in windy days, because it is so light. Because DLG is launched by energy of the centrifugal force, the heavier it is, the higher altitude it reaches to. Total flying weight becomes from 250 to 350g, Remember that the effort has been made on making HLG lighter, so far. The DLG innovated.
  3. Discus Launch Glider. Share. Topics similar to or like Discus Launch Glider. Radio controlled model sailplane launched using a 'discus launch' in which the glider is held by a wingtip and the flier rotates rapidly before release. Wikipedia. Free flight (model aircraft) Segment of model aviation involving aircraft with no active external control after launch. Original form of hobby aeromodeling.

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  1. Apollo Discus Launch Glider. an. Der Flieger ist leider nach einer harten Landung defekt. Siehe Bilder. Man sollte halt nicht wenn Wind aufkommt mit so einem Leichtgewicht fliegen und ihn dann zur zackigen Landung zwingen. Leider Höhenleitwerkshalter abgerissen
  2. HAWK Model Glider Kit DLG (Discus Launch Glider) $38.35 Loading In stock. Add to cart Whoa! You can't buy your own item. Other people want this. 5 people have this in their carts right now. Highlights Handmade. Materials: balsawood, balsawood and ply, plywood and balsa, plywood and balsawood . Read the full description. Description The HAWK DLG model is a very high-performance glider kit which.
  3. HobbyKing - Mini DLG Composite Discus Launch Glider - Blue/White 950mm (PNF) - DIY Maker Booole bei Amazon.de | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artike

View and Download Mountain Models DL50 DISCUS LAUNCH GLIDER assembly instructions manual online. DL50 DISCUS LAUNCH GLIDER toy pdf manual download Taboo is a high performance discus launch glider designed for competitive pilots with the goal of winning contests. At the same time Taboo is a very stable plane that is very easy to fly and does not require extraodinary abilities to achieve great results. Simply put, it is a fun plane to have. Taboo was designed and refined through several design iterations during the winter of 2001. Its.

Neben Diskus - Launch-Glider hat DLG andere Bedeutungen. Sie sind auf der linken Seite unten aufgeführt. Bitte scrollen Sie nach unten und klicken Sie, um jeden von ihnen zu sehen. Für alle Bedeutungen von DLG klicken Sie bitte auf Mehr. Wenn Sie unsere englische Version besuchen und Definitionen von Diskus - Launch-Glider in anderen Sprachen sehen möchten, klicken Sie bitte auf das. Note: Tip Launch or Discus Launch is where you grab a wing tip and spin around releasing the glider when facing forward again. It should give larger glider a higher altitude launch than throwing overhand as was done with conventional hand launch gliders. Building the Dynomite went quicker than the Maxima 30 which had a built up wing while the. Discus 2b (4 m) FG super scale RTF kit, price: 2739.00 $ US Discus 2bM (4 m) FG super scale RTF self launch glider kit, price: inquiry Cobra trailer (case), price: 989.00 $ US. Click on thumbnails below for more details Dec 8, 2018 - David teaches Josh how to Discus Launch and shares some tips for achieving a successful flight with a DLG

Looking to build my first Discus Launch Glider. Close. 7. Posted by 3 months ago. Looking to build my first Discus Launch Glider. Hey everyone! I am looking for opinions on your favorite DLG rigs. I have access to a large laser cutter, CNC mills, and rapid prototyping equipment so tools aren't an issue. I am a full scale glider pilot that would love to get into the hobby. I currently fly FPV. Discus Launch glider Series Monthly Clinic/Contest Torrey Pines Gulls Club of San Diego is proud to continue its monthly DLG clinic/contest at the Poway Flight Center on Saturdays with the intent of building DLG skills, mingling with the best pilots around, getting exposed to the F3K contest formats, and most of all to have fun

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Mini DLG Composite Discus Launch Glider 950mm (PNF) Hallo zusammen, Habe mir bei Hobbyking EU dieses Mini DLG Composite Discus Launch Glider 950mm (PNF) EU bestellt H-King Raven 1500mm Discus Launch Glider. HobbyKing. October 19, 2020 · Soar through the skies with the H-King Raven. The new added BEC means your plane has a faster set up than ever! Complete the build in under 30 minutes, plug in the battery and SOAR! This stylish plug-and-fly model has a 1500mm wingspan and a lightweight of 290g. Fitted with pre-installed servos, you can easily control the. DLG - Discus- Launch Glider. Looking for abbreviations of DLG? It is Discus- Launch Glider. Discus- Launch Glider listed as DLG Looking for abbreviations of DLG? It is Discus- Launch Glider The dynamic DLG (Discus Launch Glider) scene has fascinated an increasing number of model aircraft flyers during the last ten years. This ultra-light aircraft, which is thrown into the air like a discus, needs the technical knowledge that an expert explains in his lecture. www.westfalenhallen.de . VP1889-00-B-D19. Seite drucken Conus und Discus VP1889-00-B-D19. Seite drucken. www.verner-panton.

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DREAM-FLIGHT ALULA TREK ARG EPO FORMSCHAUM DLG DISCUS LAUNCH GLIDER 900mm. Für eine größere Ansicht klicken Sie auf das Vorschaubild. 109,90 EUR. inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten. In den Warenkorb. In den Warenkorb. Lieferzeit: demnächts wieder verfügbar. Art.Nr.: DFAL100. Hersteller: Dream Flight Discus Launch Gliding, Schleudersegeln oder auch F3K hat sich schon lange im Modellflug seinen Platz gesichert. Die Modelle sind günstiger geworden, der Einstieg ist einfach denn je. Was genau Discus Launch Gliding ist? Es geht darum, ein Flugzeug mit 1,50m Spannweite nur mit einem Wurfpin in der Tragfläche auf 70m Höhe zu schleudern. Ganz abgesehen davon, dass für so eine Höhe einiges an. Ein echtes Schattendasein fristet eine wirklich interessante und spannende Modellflugsparte - DLG (Discus-Launch-Glider). Spezialisten bauen in der Regel super leichte Spezialkonstruktionen, aber der breiten Modellbaugemeinde ist diese Fliegerei doch recht verschlossen. Das könnte sich mit dem neuen DEE-L-GEE von Staufenbiel ändern A discus launch glider (DLG) is simply launched into the air with a spinning motion much like a discus throw. Discus launching is often combined with slope soaring. Thermals from elsewhere can drift in over the hill to combine with the hill lift or they can be formed by the hill itself, if the slope is angled to the sun causing the slope to heat up faster than in the surrounding areas. The.

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Discus launching a glider is the most efficient way to hand-launch an RC glider to thermalling altitude over flatland. It is a great model for teaching yourself DLG technique and honing your low-altitude thermalling skills. Out of our current selection of models, the Libelle has the best glide performance, but it is a bit more delicate than the Alula and Weasel. This design is a great model to. Der SAL (Side-Arm-Launch) ist eine Wurf resp. Starttechnik im Modellflug, mit der Segelflieger, sogenannte DLG (Discus-Launch-Glider), in die Luft geschleudert werden. Dabei wird das Modell an einem Ende der Tragfläche in die Hand genommen und mit einer oder eineinhalb Körperdrehungen in die Luft geschleudert. Der Bewegungsablauf hat entfernte Ähnlichkeit mit der Leichtathletik-Disziplin.

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Discus Launching. There is a special class of RC gliders called DLGs or Discus Launched Gliders, which come with a specific launch method. It's no accident the term discus is in the name of this method because the glider is launched much like you'd throw a discus. You grip a short pin through one wingtip between your index and your middle fingers and spin around full circle before. Discus Launch Glider, funkferngesteuerte Modellsegelflugzeuge, siehe SAL (Modellflug) Dillingham Airport (IATA-Code), US-amerikanischer Flughafen; Landkreis Dillingen an der Donau, Kfz-Kennzeichen; D. L. G. steht für: D. L. G. Motor Car Company, US-amerikanischer Automobilhersteller; dlg steht für: Dolganische Sprache (ISO-639-3-Code) Dies ist eine Begriffsklärungsseite zur Unterscheidung. The plans require you cut out the parts by hand.. and aren't very clean if you'd like to use a laser cutter to make the parts for you. That drawing has hard lines for all the parts you could use a laser cutter, or cnc router to cut it out for you. I have the full SVG posted at the end of the post. When I say tiny, it's in the 50g range RC Modelle & Bausätze,Robbe Modellsport ALULA TREK ARG EPO FORMSCHAUM DLG DISCUS LAUNCH GLIDER / DFAL1Modellbau, RC-Modellbau Topic starter. Garnet carbon/kevlar D-box winged discus launch glider. « on: January 09, 2009, 05:26:23 PM ». As a late Christmas present to myself I've just got a 'Garnet' DLG from South Coast Sailplanes (nice people). The Garnet is made by Impress in the Ukraine and features open frame carbon D-box construction which appeals to me as it.

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